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Elevating Interiors with Modern Elegance

At Anna Design, we believe that every space tells a story. As an award-winning designer Los Angeles firm, we specialize in creating unique environments that reflect the essence of our clients. Our principal interior designer, Anna Vasiltsova, and her talented team bring a keen eye for detail, ensuring each project exudes sophistication and style.

Interior Designers for Modern Homes

Our streamlined process simplifies the design experience, ensuring our Los Angeles clients can easily make an aesthetic heaven of their house.

Our interior designers are dedicated to transforming spaces with a blend of creativity and functionality.

Whether you’re in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Malibu, or Orange County, our team brings the best of southern California style to your home.

Innovative Interior Design Approach

As a top interior designer Los Angeles firm, Anna Design specializes in creating unique and elegant spaces tailored to each client’s needs.

Our interior design process combines expertise in interior architecture with the latest home decor trends.

Our award-winning design firm ensures that every space we touch becomes a masterpiece.


Whether it’s a full scale project or a simple remodel, our designers will create a luxury interior design plan that fits your style, budget and timeline.

Transform your living space into a personalized sanctuary with Anna Design. Our expert team in Los Angeles works closely with you to understand your vision, lifestyle, and preferences.

With a passion for creating beautiful homes, we blend style with functionality to create a home that reflects your unique taste. Our team of skilled architects and designers are adept at designing eclectic, chic, and luxury spaces. We collaborate with local artisans to bring painting, furniture, and art to life in your home.

Our comprehensive approach includes realistic 3D renders to help you understand every detail, ensuring the reality of your dream home matches your vision perfectly.

From the initial architect plans to the final art pieces and photos, our world-class team is dedicated to creating functional spaces that are not only visually stunning but also perfectly suited to our clients lifestyle. Let us transform your home into a masterpiece of luxury and eclectic design.

Elevate your properties with sophisticated design solutions tailored for developers. At Anna Design, we collaborate with developers to craft stylish, market-ready interiors that captivate potential buyers and tenants.

Our approach combines market insights with innovative design, ensuring that each property stands out in a competitive market.

From model units to common areas, we deliver cohesive and appealing designs that enhance the value and appeal of your developments.

Enhance your home’s curb appeal and outdoor living areas with our landscape and exterior design services.

Our design studio seamlessly integrates nature and architecture to create stunning outdoor environments that complement your home’s interior.

From lush gardens and inviting patios to elegant facades and driveways, we design outdoor spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

Let us help you create an outdoor oasis that you’ll love to spend time in.

Create a dynamic and inspiring workspace with Anna Design’s commercial interior design services.

We understand that a well-designed business environment can boost productivity, attract customers, and reflect your brand’s identity.

Whether you’re designing executive offices, a retail space, a restaurant or a hotel, our design studio combines functionality with aesthetic appeal to create spaces that meet your business goals.

We focus on every detail, from layout and lighting to furnishings and finishes, ensuring a cohesive and professional result anywhere in the world.

Simplify your house design process with our comprehensive purchasing service.

From furniture to art, finishes, fixtures, hardware, lighting, textiles, and accessories, we ensure every detail is thoughtfully selected and seamlessly integrated into your space.

We handle sourcing, procurement, delivery, logistics, quality control, delivery and installation ensuring that every element of your design vision is flawlessly executed.

By managing the purchasing process for you, we save you time and hassle, allowing you to focus on enjoying your beautifully designed space.

Experience peace of mind with our construction supervision services.

We oversee every phase of your project, from initial planning to final completion, ensuring that sophisticated designs are implemented with precision and quality craftsmanship.

Our team works closely with contractors and tradespeople anywhere in southern California to monitor progress and identify any issues.

With our expertise and attention to detail, you can be confident that your project will be completed with the highest respect of the design plans.


Let’s bring your vision to life​

Initial Meeting

In our offices or by video, we outline your needs, budget and timeline.


We visit the space, take measurements, discuss styles and personal taste.


We present options and finishes, leading to finalized 3D renders.


Optionally, we supervise constructions, assuring the respect of the designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first step is usually an initial consultation with our interior designers where we discuss your needs, preferences, budget, and the scope of your project. This helps us understand your vision and how we can best assist you.

Interior designers typically charge in one of three ways: a flat fee, an hourly rate, or a percentage of the total project cost. Anna Design Studio charges a transparent and comprehensive flat fee for each project. Ongoing services like construction management are billed monthly till completion. Will discuss the best option for your specific project during the initial consultation.

The duration of a project can vary widely depending on its scope and complexity of the interior design. A small room redesign might take a few days, while a full home renovation could take several months.

Yes, we can incorporate your existing furniture, light and decor into the new design. We often blend new elements with existing ones to create a cohesive and updated look for our clients.

For our first meeting, it’s helpful to bring a collection of inspiration photos, a list of likes and dislikes, a Pinterest board you created, and any specific requirements or preferences you have for your space. This helps us understand your style and needs better.

Yes, we offer a dedicated purchasing service that includes handling the purchasing and ordering of furniture, materials, and other decor items. Our interior designers coordinate everything to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Your level of involvement is entirely up to you. Some clients prefer to be very hands-on, while others are happy to leave most decisions to the interior designers. We’ll tailor our approach to your preferences.

Absolutely. We assist with selecting all finishes and fixtures, including paint colors, flooring, lighting, hardware, and more, to ensure a cohesive and well-thought-out interior design.

Yes, we frequently collaborate with architects, contractors, and other professionals to ensure that all aspects of the design are seamlessly integrated and executed.

We specialize in a variety of styles, including modern, contemporary, organic, wabi wabi, eclectic, and more. Our goal is to create a space that reflects the personal taste and lifestyle of our clients.

Yes, our interior design firm undertakes projects spanning from the West Coast to any other regions of the United States, as well as internationally.

Our principal interior designer is Anna Vasiltsova, an award winning designer with 8 years of active interior design expertise.

As an eponymous design firm, we take pride in our personalized approach, working closely with Los Angeles local artisans and artists to create bespoke pieces that enhance each project.

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