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Attention to detail and personalized approach

At Anna Design, we are dedicated to providing our clients with a full-service architectural interior design experience. Our mission is to bring our clients dream homes to life by understanding their vision and guiding them through the design process.

Our team is passionate about every project, putting their hearts and souls into creating a unique and personalized living space for each of our clients. Our approach is to not only design a functional space, but also to create an atmosphere that will enhance the daily life of our clients.

At Anna Design, we believe that everyone deserves to live in their dream home, and it is our privilege to help make that a reality.

Anna Vasiltsova

Head designer and founder

Born in Siberia and raised as a global citizen, Anna Vasiltsova’s approach toward interior design has been heavily inspired by the cities she grew up in and all the places she has lived in

Her ideology is the creation of beautiful, comfortable interiors with experience.

She thinks about the house as a whole, what kind of experience a person will live in it, and what they will see around them.

The house has a character, as his owner, her goal is to adapt the house to the character of the client, but not damage it by any means. Because the house initially has style and soul.

It is important to understand, accept and work with these features, she believes that only by following this path you can achieve an organic and high-quality interior. 

Anna’s belief that a house is no more than a few walls unless it has spirit. For instance, this is what excites the whole team in working together to deliver the best result.. Anna’s favorite projects are home renovation where she deals with every house as her own. Every element of the house is elegantly taken care of to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Lada Kovalkova

Interior Designer | Drafter

Lada brings passion and precision to each project she works. She’s a talented highly skilled interior designer and drafter. With an eye for detail and a technical perfection, she ensures that every design she creates is not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves a functional purpose. Her commitment to detail in drafting guarantees that you are in good hands.

Olga Sorokoletova

Purchasing Manager | Stylist

Meet Olga, the brilliant mind behind Studio Anna Design’s purchasing and styling operations. Olga brings a wealth of expertise and creativity to every project she undertakes. Her sharp eye for detail and exceptional taste ensure that our clients’ spaces are not only functional but also exquisitely styled. Get ready to be amazed by Olga’s exceptional work at Studio Anna Design!

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