Silver Lake, California

Full Renovation
3 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
1657 sq. ft.

This inviting interior exudes a sense of warmth and comfort, yet the discerning owner sought to infuse it with a touch of refinement and personality. To achieve this, we incorporated elegant molding on the walls, along with delicate floral crown moldings that imbue a distinctly French atmosphere.

At every turn, this home showcases daring design choices that command attention. In the kitchen, rich green cabinetry dominates the space, stretching upward to the ceiling in a bold, unapologetic statement. The countertops are adorned with striking calacatta marble, whose dramatic patterns add an air of sophistication to the room.

The flooring in this home is no exception to its impressive aesthetic. Chevron wood floors lend a dynamic, geometric quality that complements the other design elements flawlessly.

As a finishing touch, this home boasts a stunning view of Silver Lake, an uncommon and highly sought-after feature that adds a sense of exclusivity to the already-impressive space.

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